A BIG Thank You to our visiting NEASC Team!      Our NEASC visit ended Wednesday October 22

      REMINDER       NO SCHOOL Friday Conferences.


Gorham High School -  Mission Statement

The mission of Gorham High School is to provide a variety of educational opportunities in a safe, positive environment. Our aim is that each graduate thinks critically and creatively, communicates effectively, reads and listens for understanding, solves problems, acts as a responsible citizen and aspires to and realizes individual goals.

Online Scheduling for student-parent-teacher conferencing has started...


       @ 8 am on Thursday Oct 23

Junior Job Shadow   Tuesday November 25


Defining a “Job Shadow” Experience: A job shadow is a structured career activity where a student follows an employee at a specific location to learn about a particular occupation or industry. The purpose of job shadowing is to help students explore a range of career options and to better understand the demands of a particular job. The employee who is hosting the student is called an adult mentor. A high school student's job shadowing experience usually lasts one school day. The student experiences a one-on-one relationship with an adult mentor observing activities and gaining valuable information about his/her chosen career.


Job shadowing helps students accomplish the following:


➢ Gain information about possible future career interests

➢ Observe the daily routine of an adult mentor

➢ Observe the system of the host professional

➢ Gain an insight of the academic, technical, and personal skills required by particular occupation

➢ Gain an understanding of the connection between school and work

➢ Gain information to assist students in goal setting and educational planning