Last Day of School    -  As of April 7  will be  Wednesday June 18

Friday April 18th 2014 - Let's Celebrate Spring!

Project Graduation

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Partners in Education is a way for parents to be well connected with the school and to discuss and implement ways to improve the school.  Meetings include a brief update on particular issues, concerns and school programs such as curriculum, guidance, activities, athletics, and many more.  Then the team continues to work on ways to improve the school.


Stay connected and provide support and help through the Partners in Education.  We meet from 5:30 - 6:30 PM in the Stickney Library at GHS. All are welcome!


Meeting Dates

 May 6


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                            Emergency Management Plan


NEW THIS YEAR - School Wide Rubrics





Target offers a Take Charge of Education program, which directly benefits the high school.  By registering with this program, a percentage of ALL your purchases at Target will be donated directly to GHS.  Monies received are put into a fund, which is used to benefit students in a variety of ways.


How can you register?  One of three ways:


1 Visit

2 Stop at Guest Services at your Target store

2 Call 1-800-316-6142


Our School ID # is 56713.


At present, we have only 25 shoppers who have designated GHS as their school of choice.  We could use a lot more!  Thanks for your participation.

Food Packs - We realize that

the economy has been tough for many families in Gorham.  A group of teachers has put together food packets that are now available to students.  Information has been sent out to ALL students explaining the program and how to get the packs.





To the Parents/Guardians of Current Juniors/Third-Year Students:


I am writing to inform you that all juniors and third-year students will be taking the SAT’s on Saturday, May 3rd at Gorham High School.  In fact, all juniors and third-year students in the state will be taking the SAT on this day.  With this correspondence, I want to add specifics to the day.


First, this is a wonderful opportunity for your son/daughter.  The State is paying for all third-year students to take the SAT on May 3rd.  It will yield scores that can be reported to colleges and will yield information about how well students are meeting the standards of the Maine Learning Results in reading, writing, and mathematics. Juniors took the state Science Augmentation Assessment on March 25th. We are meeting with the juniors on April 16th to let them know that they are to take the test seriously and to do their best.  Please take the time to encourage your child to get plenty of rest and be ready to go on Saturday morning.


And now to some specifics:

Saturday, May 3rd will be counted as a day of school for juniors/third-year students.  That means that because they are in school on Saturday, they do not have to come to school on Friday, May 23rd .


Because this is considered a school day, students who do not take the SAT on May 3rd will not be permitted to attend the Prom on May 10th.


If transportation will be an issue, students/parents must let the Main Office know by Thursday, May 1st so arrangements can be made.  (Parking for all students will be available – no sticker needed).


Free breakfast will be served for those interested, beginning at 7:00 AM.


Students are to bring the following items:

---- Photo ID  ---- College Board Registration Ticket

---- Two #2 pencils  ---- Personal snacks and drinks (for the breaks only)

---- Calculator  ---- Reading material


Upon arrival, students are to check in at the registration table in the Gym Lobby.


Students are to be at GHS by 7:40 AM and in their testing rooms (posted) by 8:00 AM sharp.


Standard test-takers will be through at approximately 12:30 PM.


Non-standard test-takers should complete testing by approximately 2:00 PM.


Students are not to bring cell phones, iPods, or other electronic devices/laptops.


If your son or daughter does not take the SAT on May 3rd, he/she will be expected to be in school on Friday, May 23rd and will receive a Friday detention for skipping school.  The student will be rescheduled for the June 7th test at another school.


We know that you might have questions about this day.  Please do not hesitate to call the Student Services Office at 222-1102 to speak with your student's school counselor.


We look forward to seeing your son/daughter on May 3rd.





Chris Record




Information to Parents


This fall, Gorham High School will again be participating in the “Hannaford Helps Schools” program.  Any consumer who purchases participating products will earn money for our school.  At GHS, we use the money to benefit students in a variety of well-deserved ways, for special endeavors.


There is no limit to the school dollars we can earn for our school.  If you purchase 4 participating products, you earn $3.  Buy 8 products, earn $6.  Buy 12 products, earn $9, etc.


Consider this:  If 100 families turn in just one $3-dollar coupon EVERY WEEK for the full 13-week program, that would net the school $3,900.00 !!!!!~ ...~~ just think what we could do for our students with that kind of money.


You will be able to easily identify the participating products on the Hannaford shelves – large “Hannaford Helps Schools” tags will be hanging below the usual shelf tags right under these products.  The program runs from early September through early December.


At check-out, the cashier will hand you the school dollars coupon – just deposit it in the “Gorham High School” slot in the tower located near the store’s exit.


You might remember that last year, our school earned over $300 in three-dollar coupons…and then GHS was the biggest earner for the store, so we also received an additional $1,000!


Please help support special programs for our students.  The program runs through December 1.  Thanks for your participation!