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Tuesday September 8 @ 6 PM we start in the Auditorium

Summer Newsletter

August 2015


Key Dates and Events

Guide to Picture Day  Thursday, September 3, 2015)


This is your guide to all you ever wanted to know about Picture Day:


Students will be called down by advisory approximately every 10-15 minutes throughout the morning (freshmen and sophomores first).

For all students other than freshmen, this only takes a short while.

Freshmen will proceed from picture-taking to vision screening by the nurse, so they will be out of class longer.


1. ALL STUDENTS, EVEN SENIORS, SHOULD HAVE THEIR PICTURE TAKEN, even if not purchasing a package.  The reason?

a. Get a free ID card.

b. Be in the yearbook.

c. Have a photo in Infinite Campus (useful for faculty).

No picture taken?  Won’t get an ID and won’t be in the yearbook.


2. Forgot the money?  Forgot the form?  Students should still have picture taken today.  These problems can be corrected later.


3. No hats in pictures.  No offensive wording on clothing.  Must conform to Dress Code.


4. FRESHMEN ONLY:  After having your picture taken, exit MPAC doors to left, line up in hall.  Vision Screening will follow.  This is NOT OPTIONAL.


5. PM Voc Students – Have pictures taken at 10 AM before leaving for Voc.


6. AM Voc Students – Have pictures taken at 10:45 AM after returning from Voc.


7. ALL STAFF should have photos taken – to get an ID, and to be in the yearbook.


Attached is the student call-down list for picture day.  Thanks for your flexibility and your help on this busy day!


Important Dates and Events


Welcome Class of 2016  


Senior Notes

Yearbook Pictures and Write-Ups are Due Friday, October 16th


Senior Privileges

Senior Privileges will begin on Monday, September 14th for eligible students. This privilege allows seniors to leave the building during study halls. Senior Privileges are reviewed each quarter, and students must remain academically and behaviorally eligible to maintain privileges.


Eligibility: Students must meet the following eligibility criteria:


1. Students must have earned a GPA of 85 or higher from last year’s 4th quarter AND passed all classes;


2. Students must submit a signed senior privilege form to the office and receive administrative approval before they can begin accessing senior privileges;


3. In addition to the signed form, parents must also call the main office to verbally confirm approval for senior privileges.


Students must attend all study halls until approval has been granted. Senior privilege forms will be available from advisors or in the main office. Please note: administrators can revoke senior privileges if students abuse this privilege.



GHS Senior Parking 2015-2016


Dear Seniors,



Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Mrs. Sipp and Mr. Jandreau


If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out in Google Forms.


Only seniors with a parking sticker will be permitted to park in the student parking lot.

Seniors wishing to obtain a parking sticker should complete the form below.  Seniors who have completed this form will be able to pick up their parking stickers after school on Wednesday, September 2nd or Thursday, September 3rd (seniors whose last names begins with the letters N–Z will be able to pick up their parking sticker on Wednesday and seniors whose last names begins with the letters A–M will be able to pick up their parking sticker on Thursday).



Senior Information

Ram Pride!

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