Every ten years high schools across the country go through an evaluation process based upon NEASC standards.  Staff, students, parents, and community members all have an opportunity to be part of this evaluation process. GHS appreciates your involvement.  In October of 2014 Gorham High School will be visited by a team of teachers and administrators. Click here to learn more!


The school districts  Email addresses have CHANGED

to firstname.lastname@gorhamschools.org    Please make note of this change.


Gorham High School -  Mission Statement

The mission of Gorham High School is to provide a variety of educational opportunities in a safe, positive environment. Our aim is that each graduate thinks critically and creatively, communicates effectively, reads and listens for understanding, solves problems, acts as a responsible citizen and aspires to and realizes individual goals.


First Day for Freshman is Wednesday August 27.


First Day for Sophomores, Juniors,  and Seniors (second day for freshman) Thursday August 28.


NO SCHOOL Friday August 29 or Monday September 1 LABOR DAY


Early Release Wednesday September 24


Welcome NEW Staff!


The following new faculty will be at Gorham High School this fall:

Theresa (Terry) Barick: STEM/AP Physics Teacher – Recent ETEP graduate, formerly mechanical engineering


Donna Walsh: Earth Space Science and Chemistry Teacher, coming from Massabesic High School


Rebecca (Becky) Manson-Rioux: Physical Education Teacher, coming from Thornton Academy


Amy Wyatt: English teacher, coming from The Seven Hills School, Cincinnati, Ohio


Emily Ryan: School Social Worker, coming from The Alliance School


Tim Goodwin: Math Lab Ed Tech, part-time faculty at SUM in Developmental Math Dept. and formerly a Gorham High School substitute


Joanna Payne: Three-Fifths English – coming from Poland Regional schools


Erin Curtis: One-year Social Studies Teacher – coming from

Windham High School


In addition, we are pleased to announce that Betsy Anastasoff, an English teacher at GHS for the past 11 years, will this year become one of our GHS guidance counselors! She will join Kate Stevens as a Placement, Assessment, & Support Specialist in our Guidance office (grades 10 and 11).

Welcome to the Class of 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians of GHS Freshmen:

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer with your families. We are looking forward to seeing your son/daughter for “freshmen-only day" on Wednesday 8/27 at GHS. On that day, your student will have a chance to go to classes and learn the building before the other students from grades 10-12 arrive the next day. The day begins with an assembly for the Class of 2018 in the McCormack Performing Arts Center (MPAC). There, students will be introduced to the staff and divided into Advisories. In Advisory, there will be a number of activities designed to help students get to know each other and the school. We will also break into book groups to discuss the summer reading. Please remind your student to read his/her book for that day and to bring the book that first day. Also, encourage them to be active readers by underlining, writing notes in the margins, and making other marks that help them better understand the book. Can your student identify the traditional concepts of characters, setting, plot, and themes? Also, he/she should think about the morals and/or major teaching of the book. What has she/he learned about herself/himself or others? These larger questions will also be part of the discussion.


The other items your student should bring to school on that first day are simple:


1. A pen and a pencil.

2. A notebook for taking needed notes on the first day.

3. Lunch money (Please note that lunch will be

available to students on that first day through the cafeteria, but they must bring lunch money to pay for it. Our typical freshman welcoming celebration (paid for by the school) will be held later on in the fall).


We formed a committee at GHS during the 09-10 school year to examine the 9th grade experience of our students. We considered the following: 1) Student transition from the middle school; 2) Academic experiences of students and teachers in grade 9; and 3) Social/emotional aspects of being a 9th grader in a large high school. The committee studied GHS data and current educational research, visited multiple high schools in the area, and had numerous conversations and brainstorming sessions regarding freshmen year. Above all else, one piece of data in particular stood out to us: the class structure in 09-10 created 140 different possible teaching combinations a student could have for Math, Science, Social Studies, and English. This past arrangement made it nearly impossible for teachers to communicate about students they taught in common, and nearly impossible for teachers to collaborate in order to get on the same page regarding course requirement due dates (homework, tests, projects, essays, etc.) and course expectations.


All of this work led to the creation of three freshmen academies for the 10-11 school year. The academies each had a Math, Science, Social Studies, English, and Special Education teacher and were balanced in terms of class size and student make-up. The goal of the academies was to improve communication and increase collaboration among the academy teachers.


We have been extremely pleased with the success of our academy structure in 10-11, 11-12, 12-13, 13-14 and we will continue this approach for the 14-15 school year. In 14-15, the five teachers in each academy will share the same group of 9th grade students and share a common time in the daily schedule to meet together to improve communication and enhance collaboration. This common time enables the teachers to have conversations regarding any student that is struggling in multiple classes and in turn, to create a common action plan to help the student improve. This time also allows teachers to "get on the same page" about assignments and due dates. I want to stress that the academy structure does not dictate a change in curriculum, instruction, or assessment. It allows all electives to be offered to freshmen, and all class levels to exist. It continues to enable freshmen to travel throughout the building and integrate with other students (grades 9-12) in other classes. In fact, academy classrooms are not clustered together. Our aim is simply to provide a structure to improve communication and enhance collaboration for our freshmen teachers.


I am proud of the work this committee accomplished in 09-10 and how successful our academies have been during the past four school years. This change was incorporated into the  schedule your student followed during Step-Up Day on 6/10/14. I firmly believe this change in structure eases your child's transition into high school, positively enhances your child's academic experience at GHS, and more effectively addresses the social/emotional needs of freshmen. I would be happy to speak to anyone who has questions or comments. I look forward to a great school year. Enjoy your final weeks of summer.



Chris Record, GHS Principal




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Our School ID # is 56713.


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